Promo Shop

Web based and modular shop solution

We digitalize the advertising material branch

We offer a complete shop solution based on the demands of the customer. This is realized in Maganto; Shopware or via a module of our Marketing Management Cockpit. Individually presented to the customer, with full function and if wished amended to advertising Editor and Marketing Dashboard. This individual advertising material shop makes it possible for web based orders of printing materials, advertising materials and Giveaways. With intuitive use and the possibility of defining roles and rights. This is expandable to various modules for a clear display of various processes in trade, diaogue, product and catalogue marketing and this to the server based agreement over all locations and orders of the customer.

Web based planning & steering of multple processes

Trade area, dialogue, product and catalogue marketing

Current and transparent availabiity of article

Orders of products

View of stocks & on-demand articles

Budget administratin and central administration

Individualisation and editing of articles

Release process - basic and understandable