Apprenticeship & Studies

Individual possibilities

We offer Training

We would like that our employees have within their positions have the possibility to further learn. Therefore we leave room for individual development and support talents and skills - personal and job. On the principle of the professional path we offer individual perspectives: The classical apprenticeship with specific support for a specific needs/fields.
The dual study apprenticeship with financially supported further education and intensive experience within our company and also a job-related study as an optimal possibility of bringing into tune an active job-life and personal development. We look forward to meeting you!

The Apprenticeship

Working together within our teams offers a varied and also job related view to all fields and tasks.

ORT Media Group provides complete training - in training involving media presentations(layout and technical and also concept and visualisation) media presentations picture and sound, IT, development of use and IT System specialist. Additionally we offer apprenticeships for office management positions and marketing communication.

"In my apprenticeship I was always actively supported by ORT." Nathalie Dietermann

The dual Study

Dual Study – Safe working place and daily practice all included.

We offer various dual study positions, in which the student has the opportunity to study 50 percent of the time in the University and 50 percent of the time within our company. This study is often connected to the IHK apprenticeship.

Currently our "Dualis" involve the study of business informatics, informatics and development of use and also project management and general management.

We remain interested in further study projects which fit into our branch.

We remain in close contact with all relevant High Schools and colleges in North Rhein Westfalia and welcome the chance to put into practice new projects together.

Currently we are cooperating with the Rheinischen Fachhochschule Neuss, europäischen Fachhochschule Neuss and the Fachhochschule Niederrhein Krefeld & Mönchengladbach

Of course we remain interested in cooperating with other High Schools, Colleges and Universities.

The in-service Training

With in-service training persons have the possibility to further improve their skills and qualifications.

Different to the dual study, which is absolved within working hours, a job accompanied study is done outside of working hours.

The following studies are offered, Media Design, Graphic Design and General Management, these are done at the TA Wuppertal, the FH Köln, the IAW Mönchengladbach and the Munich Business School.

Awards for training/apprenticeships

Every year the IHK awards prizes for the best apprentices of North Rhein Westfalia. The companies are also recognized for providing support which enables the best results of the apprentices.
In 2015 ORT Media Group received an award for excellent support of their apprentices.

We support

The Apprenticeship


Apprentice Support Manager

The subject apprenticeship lies close to my heart, as with a good apprenticeship the best foundation for the future career is created. A good apprenticeship means for me, to make it possible for the apprentice to learn within a motivating work environment exciting and ever changing responsibilities.


Apprentice Support Manager

My apprenticeship was also completed at ORT. With my experience I am able to provide support when needed for the apprentices. Just to see how the young people further develop with my support brings a big smile to my face.