Systematic content management

We are contao partners

To set up your website as effectively as possible, we use the Contao content management system. The open source CMS, developed in Germany, makes it possible to create a website efficiently and yet flexibly – for both professional content managers and amateurs. As an officially certified contact partner, we are your central point of contact for Contao web design: We provide planning, design and installation from a single source. In addition, we help you maintain the contents and provide training for your employees to familiarise them with the system. Whether it’s simple landing pages and microsites or complex corporate websites with extensive data management – with Contao and the themes and extensions pre-configured and edited by our team, we make content management child’s play for you.



Our web & app department has been successfully working with Contao for many years and our qualification is now official: after checking our references, Contao included us in their list of partners. You can rely on us!

We tend to:

  • Layout and design
  • Setup and configuration
  • Adaptation and programming
  • Initial content maintenance
  • Training and consulting

Fast and cost-efficient

Contao is free! This means that you do not invest a cent extra in expensive additional software, but only pay for the services we actually charge you for. Only if you need additional, chargeable extensions, these will be charged to you.

Due to our many years of experience, we only need a little  time for the setup of a Contao website. The basis of the website interface is usually a ready-made theme, which already offers many additional functions.

Our work therefore focuses on what is important to you: the design of your site and the content.

Modern and suitable for mobile devices

Smartphones and tablets are replacing classic PCs and laptops in many people's everyday lives. More than half of the data traffic on the World Wide Web today runs on mobile devices. In addition, high-resolution screens and 4K televisions with a web connection are increasingly establishing themselves. This development poses new challenges to web design: Websites must be ideally displayed on every display device, but must not noticeably lose functionality.

With so-called "Responsive Webdesign" a website automatically adapts to the medium used. All Contao websites designed by us are responsive and optimized for all common display devices. If required, Contao also makes it very easy to define exactly how a website should look on different displays. So no additional maintenance for mobile pages is necessary!

Modular and expandable

Contao is modular from the ground up. Even during content maintenance, all parts of a page are easily assembled from individual content elements that can be reused elsewhere as required. These functions can be extended many times over with themes and plug-ins. Thanks to the large developer base - especially in German-speaking countries - there are already suitable (often free!) extensions for many applications.

But that's not all: We offer not only Contao web design, but also individual programming! Contao can be individually extended for special cases. This allows you to automate processes, integrate external database systems into your website or maintain content as easily as possible. If you have any questions on this complex topic, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Easy to use, even for laymen

If you know how to use programs like Microsoft Word, you will quickly find your way around Contao. The interface is simple and clearly arranged. The various parts of the website are divided into individual sub-items, so that content remains clearly separated from the underlying technical structure: No programming is necessary!

Despite Contao's user-friendly interface, it is always difficult to learn how to use new software safely on your own. But don't worry, you're not alone! If you commission us, you will always have the opportunity to take part in a short introductory training course. Inform yourself today without obligation!

What is Contao?

Contao is what is known as a content management system (CMS). This allows the content of a website to be managed in a simple manner without confronting the user with code. This means that texts, images and videos can be added or exchanged easily – with no more difficulty than in typical Office applications such as Microsoft Word. Even new subpages can be created without much effort.

But that’s not all: Via extensions, you can use Contao to simplify or even automate many other aspects of data processing. As an option, the interfaces of other EDP systems can be integrated, for example. Even purely aesthetic changes can be carried out to a limited extent by amateurs.

Last but not least, Contao’s high profile is your big advantage: There are countless tips, instructions and help pages on the internet for the CMS, so you can quickly find an answer to almost any uncertainty on your own.


As a complete package, with us you’ll find everything you need for your own website. With our basic service, we tend to the conception, design, implementation, configuration, and online positioning of your Contao website. As an option, we also offer to have integrate new content, for example at the relaunch of an existing site. You can also book training sessions on the functions of the system individually. In any case, you get full access to all content and can tend to the maintenance of your pages on your own – Contao makes this child's play!