In good company with our customers

We foster our relations

Our customers are renowned companies across all sectors of manufacturing, trade and services. Many successful partnerships have been created in close and long-standing collaborations, of which we are very proud. The satisfaction of our customers remains the benchmark in all our endeavours. We like to set ourselves new challenges, develop viable solutions and are budget-conscious. The best reference is a successfully completed joint project. Take a look at selected projects from across our service areas on our website. We would also be equally pleased to present these to you in person. We look forward to meeting you!

What our customers say about ORT

ORT has been steering our translation process since 2005. With the integration of our translating agencies and freelancers in a software based workflow and looking after of our translation memories it has been able to reduce the costs for translations and at the same time improve consistency and quality.

ORT organizes the translations for us including our agreement all B2B and B2C advertising material highly efficiently. With our complete satisfaction all tasks were completed exceptionally well. We are looking forward to working in the future with ORT.