Film transports a feeling


A fully enthralling film with emotional music sticks the advertising message into the minds of the targetted group. Moving images is a medium of transferring messages and one of the most important instruments of communication. Through countless methods of mobile technology the film is non dependent on media format and reaches the customer every day and everywhere. We see ourselves as a specialist for film production with many years of experience and reliable project management. For us the audio visual communication is a passion, if for brand film, product scenes or spots.

As a full service provider or working together with agency partners we produce budget orientated in our own studios. Herewith it is possible to work with smart technology for more quality, more effort and output for various methods or channels

Product Films

The special thing of a product today is not the properties but the appearance and this is the difference. This we set into a moving display which awakens interest of the customer.

Brand & Image Films

Moving Image is essential to set brands into the market and to communicate the right image of the brand. Emotionalisation is the deciding factor, independent of branch or company product.


Users nowadays expect digital media contents. We are convinced that communication in the Web and also in Apps are mainly becoming an experience due to moving images and this is always fitted to media and format.

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