Order executement, production and despatch from one hand


Distribution of media means more today than just sending printed documents. Our services cover the digital, classical and Hybrid print production, letter shopping and adress management, the despatch and commisioning and the complete warehouse logistics. For our customers the order status and movement of goods are constantly via internet, extranet and intranet accessible. Our processes are customized to meet the customers demands. We offer from our site in Boppard global distribution, and logistical services, with space for 5000 paletts for print media, prizes, give-aways, stands, displays and advertising of every kind.

Goods received and Storage

Commisioning and Packaging

Packaging and Despatch

Adress Management, Costs & Optimization of despatch

Goods returned and payment management

Webshop-connection, Hotline and Reporting

Ground floor and customer individual picking area

High rack storage area with space for over 5000 paletts