For greater sales success

We support in customer meetings

mySALESGUIDE is a software solution that increases the efficiency of the entire sales team. It provides support to sales representatives directly during sales conversations, and to sales managers in their comprehensive supervision of all sales activities. Sales representatives can focus exclusively on making the sale. Customer-relevant information is easily retrievable, videos and recent documents are always accessible, presentations are centrally updated and managed. Moreover, quotes can be created featuring a digital signature and individual needs assessments can be generated. Promotional material can be sent during the conversation with the customer. The sales manager receives transparent figures and reports. mySALESGUIDE optimises sales-processes and thereby sales performance. We assist in selling successfully.

Improving sales performance and reducing administrative tasks

mySALESGUIDE is an intelligent software solution which centralizes, steers and evaluates all company activities. It exists from an App for the mobile use of customers which can be used from the way to work. This innovate combination optimizes the company planning constantly and increases success in sales

Preparation for customer appointment

With mySALESGUIDE only a few minutes is required for the preparation

All relevant presentations and documentation for a successful presentation are immediately available, complete and current and are secured via the central administration.

Good references are the best basis for successful sales. Therfore mySALESGUIDE connects the references of new and current customers. The potential satisfied customer enables you to find further new customers.

Also the administrative preparation is reduced thanks to the CRM-Function. It requires no special system knowledge and is easy to use and very clear.

mySALESGUIDE makes it easier to prepare for appointments and dramatically improves performance.

Pack your digital suitcase for a successful customer appointment

Active sales contact

With mySALESGUIDE you can actively concentrate on the customer.

The integrated analysis tool is the guide of the conversation, gives orientation and localizes the decision point of purchase of the customer

Already during the meeting it is possible to send documents etc to the customer without stopping the conversation.

Even during the appointment offers and individual contracts which are spoken about can be created and directly sent to the customer for signing.

With the integrated Messenger all colleagues concerned can be automatically informed of a successful customer contact and order.

Increase your sales performance!

Distribution control and administration

mySALESGUIDE is clearly formulated and easy to use for administration and management purposes

It is possible, with a few clicks:
  • The complete mySALESGUIDE App can be adjusted to optically fit the needs of the company.
  • To prepare sales optimzed presentations with the Templates Interactive.
  • The organize the connection between the individual interfaces with the existing CRM and ERP Systems.
  • To alter and centrally evaluate the pre-prepared requirements analysis.
  • The  clear administration of  the accounts of sales employees and this centrally.
  • To keep up-to-date customer contact and the synchronisation of information.
  • To create statistics and  to evaluate for the complete sales area.





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