Appeal to all the senses and sell 30% more cruises: with multi-sensory mailings

AIDA Mailings

Advertising stays more readily in your mind if you can see it, feel it and smell it. And if the sensory stimuli deliberately even target the sales drivers then a greater response is pre-programmed amongst customers. The best example of this is the sensory optimised ‘Welcome Back’ mailing for AIDA cruises, which is intended to motivate existing customers to rebook. The interesting angle is a small fluffy AIDA towel, which gives off the pleasant fragrance of sun cream – with the message “We’ve already reserved your favourite spot.”

The idea was conceived by the Remscheid-based Multisense Institute. The mailing was produced by RheinMail in Boppard, the dialogue office within the ORT Medienverbund, which has been successfully working with multi-sensory mailings for many years.

The accompanying market research proves that the somewhat higher production costs pay for themselves on several dimensions:

“The moments of pleasure and thrills experienced on the Aida cruise were suddenly once again present through this sensory code and could be experienced again through the haptic mailing: soft and fluffy to touch, fragrant through the nose and clear to the eyes. Over 30,000 Aida customers enjoyed this experience.”

“Unlike the standard version, the sensory optimised mailing increased travel bookings by 30 percent – it awakens the desire in customer to travel with Aida Cruises. The Deutsche Post’s Siegfried Vögele Institute also investigated the advertising impact of mailings in some detail and surveyed around 3,000 recipients for each type of mailing.”

“The small towel was imprinted in the minds of the recipients: unprompted, 22 percent more recipients remembered the mailing with the Aida towel compared to the recipients of the standard mailing; the rates of recollection of the details of the three travel destinations presented were even twice as high.”

“The investment in sensory optimisation profitably paid for itself, in spite of the higher production costs: the net contribution margin per mailing rose by 30 percent compared to the standard mailing. Practised correctly, multi-sensory marketing brings a smile to people’s faces: the customer’s, the marketer’s and the ‘cost police’.”

Extracts from:  “Touch“ · Olaf Hartmann, Sebastian Haupt · Multisense Institute · Haufe Publishing (2016)

In short, extended ‘touch’ advertising campaigns make sense in every respect. RheinMail Managing Director Reinhard Schroeder is also convinced of this: “Whether digitalisation or not: messages remain in a person’s mind when they are experienced with all the senses. The success of the AIDA mailing is the best example of this. We specifically utilise the “touch” effect in a dialogue – for many of our customers.”

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ORT Medienverbund GmbH, published Oct 17, 2017.

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