Make 2018 your year: Tackle your goals methodically!

Good resolutions are not bound to New Year’s Day. Whether it be personal ones at your workplace or for the company as a whole – it is always sensible to set new goals.


In order to actually achieve them, it is important to formulate the goal first – the more clearly and concretely the better. Then think about which tasks you can reach by yourself by making your everyday working methods more efficient. Find out which tasks require teamwork and which ones would best be delegated completely. Finally, ask yourself what the priority of each task and each goal is.


The clearer your idea, the more likely it is for you to reach your goal completely. It is best to record your goals clearly in writing. Because this way you enter into a “contract” with yourself and create stronger commitment.


We have prepared a tried and tested form of such a contractual statement for you. The ORT task management canvas aids you in your personal self-organisation and in the focusing your goals. It will make your everyday work easier, because you can clearly classify responsibilities and priorities. Just try it out – we have provided the template for you here.

ORT provides support at all levels. From software solutions and apps for marketing and sales to in-depth consultation and methodical support for your projects.

If you are looking for specific suggestions on how to make your work life easier, please feel free to contact us!

ORT Medienverbund GmbH, published Feb 15, 2018.

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