New CSR report: ORT tackles social responsibility


From 2017 onward, large companies in Germany have to regularly report how they address social and ecological aspects, human rights, and fighting corruption. As a medium-sized company, ORT has been fulfilling this duty voluntarily for 3 years – most recently in the updated CSR report in 2017.

The corporate social communications report created according to ISO 26000 shows by means of many examples that entrepreneurial growth, social well-being and protection of the environment are no longer separable. And it shows that particularly the use of agile methods and digital tools contributes to saving less resource-intensive, more sustainable development.

Responsible action is not a new corporate value. For the over 45 years of Medienverbund’s company history, it has constituted an intrinsic element. This reliable attitude motivates employees and ensures their loyalty to ORT, as well as that of clients and partners.

ORT Medienverbund GmbH, published Dec 18, 2017.

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