sehkraft, with its relaunched online presence, is perfectly tailored to appeal to patients


sehkraft is one of the most state-of-the-art eye surgery centres the world over. For ORT Medienverbund, the challenge therefore lay in presenting this special position to patients via the centre’s online presence. ORT Interactive took on this demanding project in its entirety.


sehkraft offers special treatment methods such as LASIK, as well as well as refractive lens and cataract surgery. The technology is, in its whole, unique in Germany and Austria. Worldwide, there are only a few centres that work at this level.


The basis for starting the project consisted in analysing the version of the website used so far in terms of user behaviour. In doing so, the focus lay on usage duration, frequency of use interruption and finding the website via web search.


The knowledge gained formed the foundation on which the new concept was founded.


It was important to improve the structure of the website specifically in terms of customer appeal. The usability, simple and quick navigation to content relevant to patients, as well as the revision of text content with regard to patient appeal were optimised and sometimes redesigned. In the imagery as well, ORT Interactive played a consulting role with its expertise, especially with regard to the selection and use of the respective image motifs.


In revamping the navigation, special attention was paid to individual headings and designations in order to take into account SEO- and SEM-relevant criteria already at HTML level. Patients can now find all treatment methods on offer quickly and in a straightforward manner without having to search for a long time. At the end of each topic, patients also receive a clear call-to-action notification which states their interest – determined by their visit to the website and topic selection – translated directly into action. This results in a rounded-off customer journey – from the beginning of the web search to direct contact by sehkraft.


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ORT Medienverbund GmbH, published Nov 20, 2017.

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